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Improving search speed in Singly Linked List

Improving search speed in Singly Linked List
Note: By improving search speed, we mean the search speed to retrieve an item located at 'nth' position.
We have previously discussed about Linked list in Linked list part 1. In Linked list part 1 we primarily looked at the advantages and disadvantages of arrays, and tried to understand the importance of linked list. Additionally we even looked at 2 types of linked list, Singly Linked list and Doubly linked list in that post.
In this post we are primarily interested in Singly linked list, and we will like to discuss about how search speed can be improved in linked list, and we will further discuss about a paper in general. 

Linked List: They are a logically connected sequential list of items. Logical connections can be defined as per our criteria, and use.
Indexing : It is a way to optimise the data structure by minimising the access to a particular item, it is used commonly in database. We can think of indexing as a table using which…

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