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Elevators Algorithm(LOOK)

Elevators Algorithm LOOK
Elevators algorithm is another disk scheduling algorithm, as the name suggest its roots lay in the working of an elevator. i.e,  Once started it traverse in the same direction, being said that there are various modifications of an elevators algorithm and we will look at four of them.
In this post we will see LOOK algorithm, with complete cpp code of stimulation of LOOK algorithm.  Look is a simple algorithm which simply does a scan and until it reaches current end of the request at one end it keeps moving the head and if there are no more request pending ahead it changes its direction. When there are no request left, we will terminate.
LOOK Look is a simple algorithm which uses concept similar to SCAN algorithm. In LOOK algorithm, we scan until we reach the last request at that end (NOTE: We do not proceed further until the tape ends) and then we turn our tape head to the other direction and do the same in that direction. When…

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