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Community Detection

Community Detection

Gergelypalla [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
In Complex networks, a network is said to have a community structure if there are group of nodes such that those node have dense connection in the group and sparse connection between other group or other nodes. If such a structure exists in a network, then that network is said to contain a community in it. The problem of detecting such structures is coined as community detection. Community detection is useful in:
1. Social Network
2. Meta Structure
3. Protein Interaction Network
4. Rumour Spreading or Epidemic Spreading

Social Network :  Communities are eminent in Social networks , they appear in various forms such as community of friends, family, colleagues , etc. Aside from that , communities are also formed as per similar interests which may be useful for finding hierarchical nodes and better advertisement targeting.
Meta Structure : Community Detection can be helpful to understand the overall nature of the g…

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