Applications of Linked List (Queue)

Applications Of Linked List

Part 2 Queue

Now that we have an understanding of what linked list are and have seen where the singly linked list can be used , lets check the usage of doubly linked list. 

Doubly Linked List:
Doubly Linked List can be used for various applications, one of the application is for modelling finite state machines, each node in doubly linked list can act as a state in finite state machine. Another application is if we want to implement Queue Abstract Data Structure. 


Queue is an abstract data structure, Queue is also called as FIFO , as it follows First in first out principle. The item/data/process which entered first in the queue data structure is processed first in queue data structure. Queue supports two basic operations , enqueue and dequeue . 


  •  enqueue means to add an element/data/node at the end of the queue. 


  • dequeue means to process the element/data/node which is at the front of the queue and          remove it from the queue

CPP Program for Queue:

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