About Me

About Me

Hello I am Sarvesh Bhatnagar,

I love to dream, to grow and keep growing! I love algorithms, Data structures,Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,application development, problem solving, logical analysis and learning new stuffs. I have some knowledge about application development, Data science, Raspberry pi, Arduino.
I am currently learning Machine Learning , I have made cpp code for Linear Regression, Gaussian Classification model, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes Classification method on which I will be posting posts soon.

I have a profound interest in Machine Learning and I love to read about it. I like the way it helps in different fields , more than ML I am interested in Artificial intelligence. I am having quite some knowledge in languages such as C++, C , python, Haskell , Lisp, java and swift. I like algorithms , and have quite a bit of it but according to me, you never know algorithms completely, its a dynamic field. Algorithms keep improving, you always need to think more efficiently sometimes even a single line of step can add a great difference in it. thats why I am always into algorithms. its a quite fun subject to know , plus its completely logical!

Suscribe to this page, to know about algorithms and learn them, you never stop learning it even when you know it...

On a side note , Download Learn Algorithms free to be updated.

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