About Me

About Me


I am Sarvesh Bhatnagar.

I love to dream, to grow and keep growing! I love algorithms, Data structures,Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,application development, problem solving, logical analysis and learning about new things. I know a little about application development, Data science, Raspberry pi, Arduino, Artificial intelligence, Image Recognition algorithms, etc.
I am currently learning Machine Learning & in the intervening time made programs  for Linear Regression, Gaussian Classification model, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes Classification method in cpp on which I will be posting posts soon.

I have a profound interest in Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, and I love to read about it. I like the way how it helps in different fields , more than ML I am much interested in Artificial intelligence, I mean aside from just learning from data, the decision making intrigues me. I know about languages such as C,C++,  python, Haskell , Lisp, java and swift. I like algorithms as a subject, they are logical, and they form the base for anything you wish to code for. Developing algorithms helps you solve something of interest in efficient form plus its the base nonetheless. 

Suscribe to this page, to know about algorithms and learn them, you never stop learning it even when you know it...

On a side note , Download Learn Algorithms free to be updated.

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